Support Coordination

About Support Coordination

Support Coordinators are dedicated to assisting you in achieving your objectives, developing your abilities, and obtaining the best services available to meet your needs.

Our Support Coordinators serve as a conduit between you and the NDIS service providers. They assist you in determining the best way to reach your objectives and meet your requirements, and they will use the appropriate formal, informal, and mainstream services to do so.

Support Coordination is included in the Capacity Building budget and is intended to help you improve your ability to manage your NDIS plan and live more independently.


Benefits of Support Coordination

  • Expert guidance and assistance
  • Make the most of your financial resources.
  • Access to reputable service providers
  • Assist in the development of skills and resilience
  • Taking care of your troubles and worries
  • Meetings and reviews for planning are being prepared
  • Accompanying you to planning meetings and evaluations
  • Assisting in comprehending your NDIS strategy and agreements
  • Help in making decisions about your NDIS plan
  • Reducing the amount of effort and stress spent executing NDIS programmes

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We provide Specialist Support Coordination!

NDIS Specialist Support Coordination.

Personalised services to help you achieve your objectives.

Specialist Support Coordination focuses on removing barriers, simplifying the support environment, aiding NDIS participants in connecting with resources, and developing community capacity and resilience.

We offer a staff of highly skilled and effective expert support coordinators with the skills and experience to address complicated, difficult, and high-support demands. In addition, we’ll put you in touch with the best NDIS providers in your area.

  • We create a support plan with specific steps.
  • Coordinate the development and delivery of sophisticated support and services within the financing plan.
  • Create and implement positive behaviour support methods and plans.
  • Ensure that assistance and services are developed and given following each client’s and their families wishes.
  • Maintaining effective, transparent partnerships with internal and external providers, as well as allied health care experts.
  • Assisting customers in achieving their objectives by increasing their capacity, knowledge, resourcefulness, and self-assurance.
  • Collaborating with community members and local service providers.